Zoe Woodward Yogini

Name: Zoe Woodward

Age: 36

Location: Birmingham, UK

Occupation: Channel Director Wellbeing and Lifestyle @ Ohana Communications

Instagram and Twitter: @alohaandcoffee

A little about you: I'm a Personal Trainer, nutritional advisor and qualified yoga teacher. I spent many years dieting, restricting and over exercising in the quest for the 'perfect body' before realising happiness and wellbeing doesn't reflect the number on a scale.

Why do you like yerba mate? " I'm a green tea and coffee fiend and am always on the look out for other hot drinks boasting the same benefits, health and otherwise, so I was intrigued by Yuyo's products.  The Spice bags and the roasted pure Yerba are my favourites so far. Since incorporating Yerba mate into my daily diet I've noticed a clearer head giving me the ability to focus more as well. I tend to cut coffee out after 2pm due to a potential caffeine high but I don't get the same effects from the Yerba. No crash and no problems sleeping!!"