Lynsey Clayton

Name: Lynsey Clayton (I'm married, but didn't take my husband's name - I'm a modern kinda girl).

Age: 34

Location: Recently moved to Leicestershire, having lived in London for the previous six years. I'm from just outside of London, and I've lived in both Copenhagen and Ireland.

Occupation: I'm an Information Officer and Publications/Retail Buyer for the British Geological Survey.

Social Media Handles: @Lynsey_Clayton  Instagram: @monsoonofrandom Blog

A little bit about you: My husband (author) and I are both vegan. We are both members of the Vegan Society and the Animal Welfare Party and support numerous animal charities. We have one rescue cat called Kitty. I have qualifications in Geology and Fashon Design, but my passions lie in changing the world, one post at a time.

I write an ethical lifestyle blog called Monsoon of Random, which I started to raise awareness of ethical issues, including veganism, animal welfare, natural/organic beauty, fair trading, and environmental campaigns. The subject areas within the blog closely mirror the lifestyle we lead. Through my blog, I've worked with Veganuary, Movement for Modern Life and many other brands and charitable organisations.

Why do you drink 'yerba mate'? "I enjoy drinking yerba mate because it's the only form of caffeine which gives me energy without the side effect of the jitters!"