Josefina Achaval Singer

Name: Josie Achaval

Age: 31

Location: Los Angeles, California & London, UK

Occupation: Professional singer & actress

Instagram & Twitter: @JosieAchaval, YouTube:

Website:, Facebook:

A little bit about you: Josie  Achaval was born in the US, has French Citizenship and was brought up in Argentina. With a career in TV and theatre, Josie has been a professional singer for the past 12 years. During her time in Argentina, she has worked with renowned producers and production companies, including Disney Latin America, and performed for International sports events such as the ATP World Tennis Finals.

In the UK, Josie has been cast in several plays and has performed at the O2 Arena, Twickenham, and other stadiums for high-profile sports events. Josie is currently based in Los Angeles working on various projects to launch her career in screen acting.

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