Billy Howle

Name: Billy Howle

Age: 27

Location: London, some of the time.

Occupation: Actor
Twitter: @HowleBilly

A little bit about you: I am an Actor, on Stage, big and small screen... I love all things creative! Art, Photography, Music, Dance, Poetry... not to mention theatre, tv and film obvs! This is almost like a personals ad. That sort of sums me up. I also like caffeine (clean and dirty) - I love coffee, but I ADORE YERBA MATE!!!

Why do you like yerba mate? "It keeps me focussed, energised and motivated without the jitteriness of excess coffee consumption. I also find that it does not disrupt my sleep if I drink it later on the day. It allows for greater clarity of thought and has great social benefits too as I find I become much more talkative and interested in the people around me. "