Yerba Mate Mission, share the secret

Our #yerbamatemission month ran in January and February 2017. We had thousands of web visits and competition entries, sent out hundreds of samples, and saw searches for yerba mate in the UK increase by 60%. The campaign isn't over: spreading the word about yerba mate is an ongoing mission.

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What is yerba mate?

Yerba mate (ilex paraguariensis, pronounced yerba mat-ay) is a member of the holly family and the energising infusion made from drying its leaves bears a fantastic grassy, smoky flavour. It has been enjoyed for thousands of years by the indigenous Guaraní people of Paraguay and southern Brazil for its flavour, social aspect and range of health benefits.

The first full analysis by the west in the 1960s, scientists from the Pasteur Institute concluded that “it is difficult to find a plant in any area of the world equal to mate in nutritional value. It has almost all the vitamins necessary to sustain life.” Learn more about it.

What are the health benefits of yerba mate?

Some of its benefits include steady stimulation that helps to boost your mood, metabolism and focus, along with an array of vitamins essential for a healthy and well-balanced diet. These are just some of the positive properties of drinking yerba mate - there are many more ways it can be beneficial.

How can you drink yerba mate?

We want you to have your mate, your way. You can brew it from teabags using our range of pure and blended yerba mate infusions, or enjoy it in the traditional way using a gourd and straw. 
To learn how to drink mate like a South American check out this tutorial, then kit yourself out with a mateo and bombilla and some loose leaf.

Both ways have their advantages and allow you to enjoy the benefits of yerba mate - if you're running late you can grab a pack of your favourite yerba blend and keep it in the office to swap for tea and coffee. The Mateo is perfect for a lazy Sunday with friends, or at your desk for occasional sips if you keep a thermos of water nearby to top up.

We want to see your mate style. Tag us @yuyodrinks and #yerbamatemission and show us how you drink it!