Loose leaf

Pure Yerba

Try the real thing, pure and unadulterated. Organic, premium grade seasoned mate. With no tannins, more antioxidants than green tea and all the kick of coffee.

Tasting Notes:  Robust herbal, grassy notes with deep body.

Ingredients:  Yerba mate.

Contains caffeine.


Roasted Yerba

A smoky twist on yerba mate. This organic leafy mate has been roasted for a deep, malted flavour that makes it a great swap for coffee. Try it straight as an infusion, brew in your Mateo gourd, or even blend with milk for a mateccino.

Tasting Notes: Malty, toasted, nutty. 

Ingredients: Yerba Mate

Contains caffeine.


Yerba Zing

Take a trip to the tropics with this awakening blend of mate and citrus. The perfect swap for your morning coffee, with no tannins and more antioxidants than green tea.

Tasting notes: Yerba mate with fresh, tingly grapefruit and herbal body.

Ingredients: Yerba mate, lemon and orange peel, peppermint, rosehips and grapefruit essential oil.

Contains caffeine

Soil Association certified organic.