Yerba Mate - a South American inspiration

Yuyo - a Latin American term for wild plant or untamed interloper, and what better word to represent us? This isn’t coffee and it’s certainly not tea: this is yerba mate, and we’re here to shake up the world of hot drinks.

We’re Rosie and Charles, a hispanist and biochemist who went in search of adventure across South America. We threw ourselves into the sights, sounds and smells of Latin life, from the heady Caribbean coast of Panama all the way to Paraguay, where we sampled our first gourd of yerba mate. This South American super herb became a part of our world as we exchanged stories over yerba mate with the new friends we encountered on our journey.

Our return to the UK left us longing for those yerba moments; that simple ritual of spending time with kindred spirits over an energising mate. Buzzing with memories, we set out to create blends with yerba mate that we could share.

After lots of experimentation and refining we developed a range of award-winning infusions inspired by our experiences in Latin America. We blend in small batches with only the finest organic yerba mate and other natural ingredients and essential oils, so that every pack reaches you in mint condition, smelling and tasting as fresh as the moment we sealed it. Join us, and escape the ordinary with Yuyo.