Fabricio and Krithika do Canto

Fabricio do Canto had a previous career in a high-powered corporate environment in Germany before leaving to travel Nepal and India and meeting his wife Krithika. On their return to Germany they founded Meta Mate, which is both a café in Berlin and a yerba mate business which exists to promote great quality mate grown ethically and sustainably in Fabricio's native Brazil. They're passionate enthusiasts, activists and also great hosts - a trip to Meta Mate in Berlin for a mate circle is highly recommended by us at Yuyo.

Oi Fabricio and Krithika, Great Escapers is all about getting to know people who have escaped the ordinary in their lives and careers. You have quite literally done that when you decided to quit your jobs to travel. From all the places you’ve visited which one would you choose as the best ‘escape’ from the real world and why?

Fabricio: Perhaps not a physical place but I've found that my mind is the best 'escape'. I find escape in silence, by meditating I get the highest satisfaction and state of peace. I could meditate anywhere without having to physically travel somewhere else, this actually does not make mediation easier or less of an effort.

Yerba mate is a social drink, traditionally consumed in a group of people who talk, laugh and share ideas while passing the mate in a circle. Who would you like to be in your dream mate circle?

Krithika: Maybe the Pope or Dalai Lama, a lot could be discussed about world peace and communication while sharing a mate.  

Fabricio: The best mate circles we've had in the past were in the middle of the forest with the yerba mate producers who've been doing this for generations. Or with our European partners that we work with to supply mate, such as in Bulgaria, or Yuyo in the UK - in every new setting I always learn so much about mate drinking, and because we're living in the here and now, we enjoy each new mate experience as unique.

Are you a risk taker, or do you like it to play it safe?

Krithika: A risk taker who often looks to make the impossible, possible.  

Would you say you are led by your head or your heart?

Fabricio: There is no disconnection between the two. Both the head and heart are very strong willed, passionate and persistent. 

Krithika: I'd say Fabricio is a true gaucho in spirit, with fierce emotions.

Who do you think truly escapes the ordinary / or has escaped the ordinary? It could be an artist or performer, a political leader, someone you know...

Both: We all have the potential to and should be inspired from within, however, if we had to choose we would say Mahatma Gandhi for his approach towards resource waste and the Berlin Dadaists for their fun and idiosyncratic way of life.