Brew your yerba mate like a South American

Our Yerba Mate Mission campaign is coming to an end, but it’s just the beginning for those of you who have fallen in love with yerba mate and bought a bright yellow Mateo and bombilla. So what next? At Yuyo, we’re letting you in on our guide to drinking Yerba Mate like a true South American!

What you need:

  • Yerba mate loose leaf – the Pure Yerba or Roasted Yerba are both excellent
  • Hot but not boiling water (ideally between 70°C - 80°C)
  • A Mateo (large or mini) or your own gourd or cuia
  • Bombilla (the metal straw - comes with the Mateo)
  • Friends and/or family!


  1. Fill your Mateo with enough loose leaf that it comfortably covers the ball at the base of your bombilla - as much as two thirds of the way up if you’re feeling brave. Then gently invert and shake your Mateo to ensure the larger particles rise to the top and your yerba is mostly on one side.
  2. First add a touch of cool water and wait until it absorbs into the yerba. Next add the hot water, but not too much – you don’t want the leaves to be swimming in water, just dampened. Take your first sips through the bombilla until the water is gone and you hear a slurp! Tip: your first couple of drinks will be strong, but as more water is added the flavour becomes much smoother.
  3. All you need to do now is keep topping up. The mate is traditionally passed around a circle amongst friends and family, which helps to build a sense of community and gets people talking, sharing and connecting. Pour, pass, drink, repeat. Enjoy!

The Gaucho would traditionally start their morning and end their day of work passing the yerba mate gourd around the circle as a way of boosting their energy and as a symbol of fellowship.


Top tip: The idea is to use the same leaves for several infusions over a period of time. Once the leaves become flat and washed through, known in Spanish as lavado, you’re done and it’s time to empty your Mateo, refill and start all over again!

The Mateo

Unless you’re already a mate enthusiast, this may be the first you’ve heard of a mate and bombilla. A traditional mate gourd is the vessel used to consume and share yerba mate, carved out of a hardened calabash – a large green fruit that becomes wood-like when dry. This is paired with the bombilla, a metal straw specifically designed with a filter on the end to drink infused yerba mate without any stray leaves travelling up.

Our Mateos are a modern silicone take on this traditional gourd, an original award-winning design from Argentina. Made from food-grade silicone which is 100% BPA free, Mateos are safe to hold, easy to clean and transport and they’ll keep your yerba insulated while you drink.


We’re proud to be the only UK sellers, stocking a range of large or small Mateos: the large ones come in seven rainbow colours and the minis in four neon brights – spoilt for choice!

We sell affordable bundles with either a large Mateo + loose yerba or a mini Mateo + loose yerba, so having a proper yerba mate experience this side of the Atlantic is probably a lot easier than you originally thought. If you enjoy drinking organic Yuyo yerba mate this way, spread the #yerbamatemission love!